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Every other Wednesday I blog about what I’m learning, struggling with, or celebrating. I’m grateful to share the journey with you and welcome your comments and feedback.

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This Week’s Post:

Wednesday,  November 22, 2017

Thankful For Who God Is


Happy Thanksgiving!

As we celebrate this special holiday here in America, we take time to remember all we have to be grateful for.

I have many things to be thankful for.

I have even more people I am grateful for.

But what I’m most thankful for is who my God is.

He is my faithful Father.
He is my ever-present Friend.
He is my continual Healer.
He is my good Shepherd.
He is my tender Comforter.
He is my wise Counselor.
He is my strong Refuge.
He is my unchanging Anchor.
He is my perfect Savior.
He is my gracious God!

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3 Responses to Joanna’s Journey

  1. Ed says:

    This is beautiful! Keep up the good work.

  2. Ed says:

    Whew! This is powerful! Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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